Vericon Construction is capable of providing lump sum general contracting services for a vast array of marketplaces, including financial, corporate, healthcare, retail, hospitality, industrial, multi-family residential, and academic spaces.  We utilize Vericon pre-approved subcontractors on your project.


Vericon Construction has a team of experienced construction professionals to provide the necessary planning, design and construction management services for your project. Utilizing various techniques, administrative tools and construction methods, Vericon construction management services provides turn key projects.


Our team has significant and diverse experience in managing many of our clients’ rollout initiatives, including large scale renovations, conversions from acquisitions & mergers, ADA Path of Travel upgrades, Infrastructure & Technology Programs, Security & Lighting Upgrades, to simple carpet and paint projects.

We are proud to be included time and again as a leader in these types of large scale rollout projects for our clients.


Through strong relationships with partnering design, architectural and engineering firms, Vericon Construction can provide you with a design-build team to cost effectively achieve your building design and functionality. By utilizing a combination of our pre-construction and construction management services, Vericon will provide turn-key services for your building construction specifications.


Vericon’s pre-construction services provide for the most cost-effective impact on any construction project. With many decisions being made during this time that affect the construction process and finished product—including costs, completion date and how smoothly the project progresses.


Vericon can help you maintain properties you already own or lease. Like many of our clients, you may not have the resources for full-time maintenance personnel or you may simply prefer to contract out, entrusting these vital services to a company like Vericon.  We offer a range of facility maintenance solutions to meet our clients’ daily construction needs.


Sustainable design and building makes increasing operational and fiscal sense for clients and is an important consideration for the future of construction. Vericon has a thorough understanding of environmentally conscious construction methods as well as substantial experience applying these concepts.

Guided by members of our staff with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and experience, we have completed a range of LEED-certified projects—from renovations to ground-up construction — including those with the Platinum designation, the highest of LEED’s 4 levels of certification. Vericon is an active member in the U.S. Green Building Council, which administers the LEED program.

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